COMMASSOS, what it is ?

COMMASSOS is a web site which aims at referencing all the businesses and the associations to inform you live about schedules of opening, and about the other useful information, such as the phone number or the address, as well as the other available precision since the map.
To reach this information, you can make a research, or use fast links (which correspond to the most made researches).
To answer your researches in a simple and effective way, we use the tool GoogleMap to show points corresponding to your research on a map.

Given the area of the work to be carried out, we proceed by stage, by beginning with the region Midi-Pyrénées - Languedoc-Roussillon.

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Number of cities began : 684
How many referenced points : 12384
Last update : 09-15-2019 - 18:56:01
Today is : 08-19-2022.

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